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Paper-mâché Fedoskino brooch

18th Century Russian Costume
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Artist: Dina Merkulova
Style: Fedoskino

Stock #: b643
Size: 2" diameter


Fedoskino papier-maché lacquer miniatures are known since 1796, first as snuffboxes, later as jewelry boxes and brooches. Most frequently the elegant, subtle oil paintings depict important historic events, portraits, landscapes.

These brooches are painted in oils on papier mache, because papier-maché does not absorb paint in centuries and, under several layers of clear lacquer, the colors will remain bright and vivid for years and years to come.

It was extremely difficult to make a decent photograph of this lacquered masterpiece. We did the best we could. What you DON'T see in this flat image is the three dimensional effect which is achieved through the usage of special paints on the costume and a real gold paint. This brooch is much more beautiful in reality than it appears on this picture.

We are glad and proud to present you with these unique masterpieces. Each one of them is handmade and painted exclusively by hand.

About the Artist: Dina Merkulova is a Professor at one of the most prestigious Moscow Art Schools. She is a well-recognised artist in Russia, and also a master of a lacquer miniaure. She wonderfully acheives a 3-dimentional effect on her painting due to special gold paints and also by the deep lustre of the thick lacquer.

Signed by the artist.
Comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.