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Kremlin Gifts Company is the Authorized Distributor of the Chaika Watch Factory in the USA. We get these watches directly from Uglich, Chaika Watch Factory. We guarantee that our watches are original and come with 12-months of full factory warranty. We will help our customers in any way to obtain the warranty service if needed.

Being the factory's authorized dealer allows us to get the original product (please read the important warning) directly from the factory and offer the watches at substantialy lower prices than retail prices in the stores of Russia, who sell these watches at MSRP.

Watch Factory "Chaika" makes the best and most reliable watches in the country. These watches are world-famous not just for their durability and accuracy, but by their unique and fantastic design, by the use of the natural stones (amber, jade, yashma) and by designing these exquisite watches in the best Russian traditions.

You will not be able to find anything like these in your department store. Design and beauty stand out in these watches.

"Chaika" Watch Factory (CHAI-kuh - "sea gull", rus) is the only watch factory in Russia that complies with International Watch Standards (ISO 9001-2000) for durability and outstanding design. To enhance durability, the mechanisms are shock-proof and have a number of rubies (please see picture below) -- these jewels do not wear off and make the watch last for dozens of years. The Factory is located on the banks of the Volga river just north of Moscow there is the ancient city of Uglich. It has been there for more than 60 years.

These watches come with 1(one) full year of 100% warranty.

Watches are not just the tool to measure time any more. Today they became a personal attribute of its owner; a watch shows the taste of the person who wears it and the social status. Our watches change as we change - they become more exquisite, reliable asnd functional.

IMPORTANT WARNING! Today several "underground" factories are producing faux "Chaika" watches that hava nothing to do with the original. It is similar to a *Rolex* watch that street vendors sell in New York for $10. These faux *Chaika* watches do not have jewels in their mechanisms, they do not come with the original paperwork and have faux warranty which is not supported by the Chaika Watch Factory.